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 Hydraulic Generator installed on new Genie Z45

Sales and Service company Access Platform Sales recently sold a reconditioned Genie Z45 to a steel erection company, we were asked to retrofit one of our hydraulic generators onto the unit. The Z45 is perhaps one of the more compact units on the market and with space to locate the generator extremely limited, locating the set was actually the biggest issue, however after much thought a suitable position was found and we installed, tested and commissioned the unit on site. The unit fitted was a 3.5kVa 110v CTE generator.

Having had the opportunity to actually install the unit, we are now pleased to advise that we can now offer a complete supply, installation and commissioning service for our hydraulic generators, please call 00114 223 8080 or email us at info@hydraulicgenerators.co.uk for further details

Another New Addition to the Hydraulic Generator Range

We have recently completed the development of a new hydraulic generator to compliment its existing range. The new unit is designed to provide platform power for smaller scissors and booms where the hydraulic flow rate is insufficient to drive our existing models. It uses a 3.9cc per rev gear motor which means that the hydraulic flow required to provide AC power is now only approximately 12 litres per minute so that platforms such as the Genie Z45 and Niftylift HR21 can now generate power to the platform with the engine running at idle speed, thereby reducing fuel consumption, engine wear and tear, noise levels and emissions.

For further details please contact us on (44) 00114 223 8080 or email us .

Hydraulic Generator on Genie Z45 Hydraulic Generator on Haulotte HA16PX Ford Transit Hydraulic Generator

Ford Transit Powered Hydraulic Generator

A simple retrofit kit can be installed to belt drive via an electromagnetic clutch a group 2 hydraulic pump, which can be used to power a range of hydraulic equipment, including hydraulic generators for powerering 110v or 230v equipment or an air compressor or hydraulic tools.

A New Platform PowerPack for the Variable Displacement Gear Pump

The Platform Powerpack is a purpose built onboard hydraulic generator solution, designed specifically for the Powered Access Industry. We are delighted to introduce a unit suited to an extensive range of both Scissors and Booms that operate with variable displacement load sensing pumps. The manifold incorporates all of the required valves to allow the generator to operate without the need for any other component parts and an installation kit is available for certain models.

Hydraulic Generator Latest News

6 kVa Hydraulic Generator for MEWP used on Network rail

Hydraulic Generators for Network Rail

58 no. 5kW 110v CTE Hydraulic Generators integrated onto Road / Rail plant for use by Network Rail, units had to be fully compliant with stringent Network Rail requirements, including halgogen free and flame retardant electrical cabling, conduit and glands, additional alternator rotor and stator insulation, approved RCBO protection and IP66 enclosure

Hydraulic Generator Latest News