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Vehicle Driven Hydraulic Generators

There all manner of solutions available for onboard power on vehicles, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer own hydraulic generators powered by the engine of your existing vehicle. These units consist of engine mounting bracket, 12/24v Electro-Magnetic Clutch and a Group 2 Hydraulic Pump together with a range of generator options from 2 - 6 kVa

The system is installed using the mounting bracket, belts and pulley supplied, the electro-magnetic clutch "free wheels" when not in use and when drive is required the clutch is energised and then engages to provide hydraulic flow to the generator and power is then available.

We can supply generator systems in 110v, 230v or dual voltage, single phase or three phase up to 6kVa or if you wish to operate other hydraulic equipment and not a generator, then we can supply the hydraulic kit only.

We offer a supply only or installation service as well as a range of accessories such as hydraulic oil tanks.

Tell us your vehicle make and Model and we will let you know if a kit is available.

The Vehicle Power Pack is a cost effective, reliable, safe and secure solution for your trucks onboard power requirements.

Hydraulic Generator on a Ford Transit

Hydraulic Generators for Vehicle Installation